This aerial image taken from video provided by ABC7 Los Angeles shows the scene of a crash on Interstate 710 in north Long Beach, Calif., Monday, June 26, 2023. Five people were killed and one was injured in the fiery single-vehicle crash on a Southern California freeway early Monday, authorities said. (ABC7 Los Angeles via AP)

LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Five people were killed, including two 15-year-olds, and another suffered major injuries in a fiery single-vehicle crash on a Southern California freeway early Monday, authorities said.

The crash was reported on Interstate 710 in north Long Beach shortly after 4 a.m., said California Highway Patrol spokesperson Angelia Gonzalez.

The Hyundai Sonata smashed into a shock-absorbing safety device known as an attenuator in front of a concrete barrier and burst into flames, authorities said.

Gonzalez said some people in the car apparently weren’t wearing seatbelts and some were thrown from the car.

Two of the victims were identified as George Dobbs, 15, and Ariahh Slemaker, 15, both of Long Beach. The other victims weren’t immediately identified by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

The wreck caused a significant traffic jam during the morning commute through south Los Angeles County.

How to Minimize Injury When a Car Accident Happens?

Automobiles have become a means of transportation commonly used in modern society. The popularity of automobiles has brought great convenience and flexibility to people’s travel.

However, with the increase in the number of cars, it also brings some challenges, such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution and road safety, especially the occurrence of car accidents.

When we inevitably have a car accident, there are ways to reduce the damage it brings.

Seat belts are one of the most basic and important passive safety devices in a car. It is a key device to protect the safety of occupants when riding in a car.

– Secure occupant position: Seat belts prevent occupants from suddenly moving forward or being thrown out of the vehicle in the event of a collision by securing the occupant to the seat. This helps reduce damage from collisions.

– Impact mitigation: In the event of a collision, seat belts can disperse the impact of the collision and transfer it to the strong parts of the occupant, such as the shoulders, chest and hips. This can reduce the degree of injury to the occupant’s body.

– Prevention of secondary crashes: When a vehicle is involved in a collision, occupants may be at risk of an interior collision, such as impacting structures or other occupants within the vehicle. Proper wearing of seat belts can prevent occupants from re-collision during a collision, further reducing the risk of injury.

– Even Impact Dispersion: Seat belts help spread the impact of a collision evenly over the stronger parts of the occupant’s body. This helps reduce the risk of injury in specific areas, such as the head, chest and hips.

– Protection of internal organs: Correct wearing of seat belts can prevent occupants from having a direct impact on internal organs during a collision and reduce the possibility of internal injuries.


The airbag is an important passive safety device in a car, and its main function is to provide additional protection and reduce the degree of occupant injury in a collision accident. The following are the main functions of airbags:

– Buffering the impact of collision: The airbag inflates rapidly when a collision occurs, forming a soft protective airbag, providing cushioning for the occupant and reducing the impact of the collision. It can reduce the direct contact between the occupant’s body and the hard objects inside the vehicle, reducing the risk of injury.

– Protect the head and chest: Airbags are usually arranged on the steering wheel, dashboard, door side, seat, etc. of the driver and passengers. Their deployment positions are tailored to the protection needs of different collision directions and occupant positions. Airbags can protect the head and chest, reducing neck and chest injuries caused by collisions.

– Reduce the degree of injury: The airbag can reduce the direct contact between the occupant and the internal structure and hard objects of the vehicle during a collision, reducing the degree of injury. It reduces collision-induced injuries such as broken bones, bruises, impacts and internal injuries.

– Combined with seat belts to provide comprehensive protection: Airbags are usually used in conjunction with seat belts to provide comprehensive protection for occupants. Seat belts keep occupants in place while airbags provide extra cushioning and protection. The combination of the two can minimize the damage caused by the collision.


Seat belts and airbags are the two main passive safety devices in a car that play different but complementary roles in a crash.

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