On the evening of July 5, singer Coco Lee died of depression, her sister Li Silin posted on her micro blog. According to her Weibo account, Coco Lee, who had been suffering from depression for years, recently took a turn for the worse. She committed suicide at home on July 2 and died on July 5 after unsuccessful efforts by the hospital team. According to public information, Coco Lee was born in January 1975 and is 48 years old this year.


To all the fans and friends who love CoCo Lee:

It is with great sadness that we share with you the sad news that CoCo unfortunately suffered from depression a few years ago, and after a long period of struggle with the disease, unfortunately, her condition deteriorated rapidly recently, and she committed suicide at home on July 2. After being sent to the hospital, she has been in a coma, and through the efforts of the hospital team, she finally passed away on July 5.

2023 should have been the 30th anniversary of CoCo’s debut, 29 years she in addition to bring us endless joy and surprise with strong songs and dance, more efforts for the Chinese singers in the international singing world to open up a new world, has been going all out for the Chinese shine, we are proud of her.

As CoCo’s family, we are very grateful and honored to have such an excellent and outstanding sister. We are grateful to God for giving us such a kind angel. We hope that now she has gone to a happier place and is no longer suffering from depression. I believe God will give her a best arrangement! Now, our biggest responsibility is to take good care of our elderly mother, I hope you will pray for this elderly woman and give us space and time to heal the pain!

Finally, thanks again to the medical staff for their dedicated rescue and care. At the same time, I hope that in addition to remembering CoCo, I also hope that you can share her bright smile, treat people sincerely and pass kindness and love to everyone around you, and continue CoCo’s wish – to let all people around her feel her love and happiness.

CoCo in the world although not long, but her light, immortal!

“Cried Carol & Nancy


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