While the high temperatures in southern China were moderated by rain, the high temperatures in northern China continued in the middle of June. Beijing, Tianjin and southern Hebei will see ultra-high temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius from June 27 to 30, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) forecast.


Hebei Gree dealer Lao Zhao told The Times finance, under the continuous high temperature, air conditioning sales increased, resulting in insufficient installation power, consumers have to wait 4-5 days after purchase, installation master can come to the door.


“Beijing and Tianjin area recently high temperature, air conditioning sales relative to previous years or have increased, there is indeed a surge in demand for kingpin models.” Gree relevant person in charge said in an interview.


Aowei cloud network report shows that this year’s air conditioning market can be described as “high open and steady, a ride off the dust”, during 618 air conditioning omni-channel retail sales of 11.95 million units, an increase of 35.9%, sales of 41.1 billion yuan, an increase of 38%.


For practitioners, 2022 is a rare year of air conditioning, 2023 this momentum is also continuing, Qingdao home appliance business Li Huan on the feeling: “A few years ago, the industry feels the end, now much better.”


Consumers move from picking and choosing to buying at a premium


On June 23, Beijing issued a red alert for high temperatures, its first since June 2015, a day after Qingdao also issued a red alert.


“Air conditioners are selling well. It’s a good year.” Li Huan told Time Finance that as a coastal city, Qingdao generally gets hotter later than inland cities, and the peak of air conditioning sales in previous years was in July, but air conditioners began to sell well in mid-June this year.


He mentioned that consumers buy air conditioners in May are selective, tend to buy cheaper, and are willing to add money to buy in June, “on the line, even if the price of air conditioners rises slightly don’t care.”


Lao Zhao is suffering from lack of manpower, usually his company’s workers install 7-8 air conditioners a day, recently increased to about 10, or installation can not be completed, consumers have to wait 4-5 days after purchase.

His company is not only responsible for the after-sales service of his own stores, but also for the installation of air conditioners for consumers who buy them online. When asked why he did not hire installation workers, he explained: “Can not find, can not find, no insurance, no technical certificate can not use.”


In the hot air conditioning market, the flat price is particularly popular. Aowei cloud network report shows that during the 618 period this year, consumers pay more attention to the cost performance in the purchase of air conditioners, from the online hang-up market, the share of products in the price segment of 2,600 yuan – 3,200 yuan has increased significantly, and the share of just-needed products below 2,000 yuan has also increased. The share of fixed-frequency offline phones increased. “High-end is not easy to sell, the proportion is getting lower and lower… Low-end products are becoming more popular.” Li Huan joked.


He revealed that the share of sales of air conditioners in the store of about 3,000 yuan this year is lower than in previous years, and the sales of air conditioners in the price segment of 2000-2500 yuan has increased by 20% over previous years. Overall, the revenue of air conditioning products in the store is higher than the same period in 2020 and 2021.


While air conditioners are selling well, factories are ramping up production. A worker of Gree Electric Appliances mentioned to Times Finance that he had been working overtime to produce air conditioners for nearly a month, and only took a day off during the Dragon Boat Festival.


One of his workmates also joked that recently, every day, someone stared at the production and production progress, and he did not have much rest and was very busy.


Overall, since late May this year, the domestic air conditioning market is relatively prosperous. According to the Suning Tesco report, from May 26 to June 18, sales of air conditioners and central air conditioners increased by 43% and 95% respectively.


The market is booming from 2022 to 2023


How will the air conditioning market perform throughout 2023?


The report shows that based on the continuation of the high temperature in this year’s peak season, the low base operation last year and the potential demand space for air conditioning products, the air conditioning market in the second half of 2023 is optimistic.


The latest monitoring data also shows that in July, the output of air conditioning enterprises was 12.36 million units, an increase of 2.2%, of which 8.51 million units were produced for domestic sales, an increase of 5.9%.


In recent years, the global El Nino phenomenon has become more and more frequent, and the summer temperature has been setting new records, and the air conditioning market has been selling hot for two consecutive years. Hubei an air conditioning dealer to The Times financial mentioned that last year was a big year of air conditioning, hanging up the price of four or five hundred yuan can be easily sold, not to make money are difficult. Li Huan remembers that many dealers in Qingdao sold out last year, and the inventory was empty.

Last year, in the context of the global economic contraction, the three major air conditioning manufacturers achieved year-on-year growth. According to the financial report, in 2022, the air-conditioning operating revenue of Haier Zhijia, Gree Electric Appliances and Midea Group increased by 6.74%, 2.39% and 6.17%, respectively, totaling more than 320 billion yuan.


For the prospects of the air conditioning industry, Li Jinbo, director of the United States Group home air conditioning Innovation Research Institute, said that the era of financial analysis, air conditioning has become an indispensable part of modern life, and now more and more hot weather, air conditioning will be more and more important in life, in the future for a long time, will also be a booming industry.


He also talked about a set of statistics. According to a 2018 report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the number of air conditioners worldwide will grow from 1.6 billion to 5.6 billion by 2050.




Home appliance industry analyst Liu Buchen holds a different view, he said in an interview with The Times finance that the high temperature weather does have a certain role in promoting air conditioning sales, but this is a stage, “air conditioning has entered the characteristics of the stock market has not changed, in the long run there is no big room for growth, mainly because the real estate trend has been set.”

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, by the end of 2022, urban residents had an average of 163.5 air conditioners per 100 households, more than refrigerators, washing machines, and color televisions, while rural residents had 92.2 units.


So the temperature is so high, air conditioning is selling so well, what impact will it have on air conditioning related industries and products? Let’s discuss it

Global high temperatures and air conditioning stock outages may have multiple impacts on split air conditioners. First of all, the high temperature weather has led to a substantial increase in the demand for split air conditioners, which may exceed the supply capacity, resulting in a shortage of supply and out-of-stock phenomenon of split air conditioners. Consumers may face purchase difficulties and delivery delays. Second, the imbalance between supply and demand may push up the price of split air conditioners, putting economic pressure on consumers and manufacturers. In addition, the shortage of refrigerant supply for air conditioning will also have an impact on split air conditioning, because refrigerant is a necessary component for the normal operation of split air conditioning. Supply shortages can lead to higher refrigerant prices and service delays. Finally, this situation may prompt consumers to look for alternative air conditioning solutions, such as portable air conditioners or other types of cooling equipment. In short, global high temperature and air conditioning stock outages may have a certain degree of impact on the supply, price and alternative options for split air conditioners.





High temperatures around the world have led to a surge in demand for air conditioners, potentially triggering supply shortages and higher prices for air-conditioning refrigerants. Due to the installation and use of a large number of air conditioners, the demand for refrigerants has increased significantly and may exceed the supply capacity. This will lead to increased pressure on the refrigerant supply chain, potentially leading to undersupply and stock outages. At the same time, the imbalance between supply and demand could push up refrigerant prices, putting economic pressure on consumers and manufacturers. In addition, due to supply shortages, people may start to look for alternatives or more environmentally friendly cooling technologies to reduce reliance on refrigerants and promote sustainable development. This situation may accelerate the innovation and transformation of refrigerant technology.


Global high temperature and air conditioning out of stock may have a certain impact on air conditioning brackets. Due to the surge in demand for air conditioning, more people are likely to install or replace air conditioning equipment, which will lead to increased demand for air conditioning brackets. Supply chain tightness can lead to insufficient supply of air conditioning brackets, which in turn leads to a shortage of brackets on the market and delayed delivery. In addition, due to the hot sales of air conditioners, manufacturers may face production pressure, resulting in the production and supply of air conditioning brackets. This can lead to higher prices and difficulty buying. Consumers and installers may need to find alternative brackets or delay installation to accommodate supply shortages. In general, air conditioning out of stock may affect the supply and price of air conditioning brackets, bringing a certain degree of inconvenience to the market.



In short, this summer is too hot, we must do a good job of sun protection, careful of heat stroke ah

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